I don't give much thought to blogging anymore. I used to. But I feel I'm into so many things and can't concentrate on just one.

When I started working for this group, I was assigned to payroll and finances because that was my background. I have been doing it ever since but with added responsibilities. I'm really assigned to do research and documentation for programs, for such is what my position calls for. And I do that, too. I've also been assigned administrative tasks since my boss was transferred. I thought, it's not much hassle. But then, I volunteered for graphics and web design because I love doing it it. Now, look at me. I think I'm spreading myself too thin and now, I can't decide on an area of specialty. I know what I want. But there's no position for it. It's just actually an add-on to something more serious. Until I can't decide, I will have to stretch my arms a bit longer. It's just, now, my arms are starting to hurt.

Photography class is getting really enjoyable. The class has now grown to 20 students. We will be having an exhibit and a photography contest by the end of the course. And we will be going out next week to take actual shots of actual subjects. I know I'm too poor to delve into this hobby. But I sooooo like it. Sigh. Why wasn't I born rich? At least just rich enough to afford a better camera and film developing? Hehehe.

I will make do. God provides. With this in mind, I will point and click to all eternity.

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