Alone again ... naturally

After several weeks of slaving over 3 different webpages, I decided to slack off and stop thinking. Hehehe. Problem is, I can't seem to. Been spending all my freetime playing scrabble and putting together jigsaw puzzles. Having been totally isolated from the free world because of that damn website, I say it's time to totally isolate myself by playing scrabble. Hehehe. I love my peace. I love my aloneness. There are silences that are worth basking on for hours.

Of course, the socialization has not stopped. Have managed to meet friends for dinner, breakfast or coffee when mood calls for it. I will be at Citrus on Monday celebratinga dear old friend's 38th birthday. I've satisfied the urge for Afrique's delightful pizza last Friday. And breakfast to chat about lovelife over pancakes. Still, even with the company of friends, I somehow still feel loneliness. Loneliness which I somehow manage to forget when I'm alone. Strange.

On a lighter note, photography class started last Saturday. We have about 15 students in class, a third of them belong to my age group which is not so bad. Our youngest is in 5th grade, apparently forced to spend summer classes with a bunch of oldies. But who knows, he might enjoy it while learning a thing or two. I'm excited. We will have a photo contest at the end of the course. I had two opportunities for photo challenges this summer that can actually win me some cash. But I didn't submit any entry. I am still very unsure about what I'm capable of. Regrets. I really hate regrets.

By the way, been visited again by ghosts from boyfriends past. Four of them left me messages, asking me why I've been silent. I stayed silent. :) Let them wonder a wee bit longer.


mellowyellow said...

I'm back. Loneliness is something i know all about today! *sigh* Also know all about slaving over websites, though you wouldnt believe it from my bog

balikbayan_box said...

woohoooo let those ghost wander around till Halloween hehehe