Right after the rain

Got stuck in Tigbauan yesterday with a flat tire. We attended my brother's welcome party at Igbaras and had dinner there. On our way back to the city, somewhere between Guimbal and Tigbauan, we felt the car wobble. We stopped in the dark in the middle of nowhere and had to change a flat tire. It took a long time because they had trouble getting the spare tire loose. After about 30 minutes we were on our way and passed the Tigbauan plaza. And again, the car wobbled. Our spare blew another flat. While try to think what was the best way to go, the family we just met at the party stopped
to see if they could help. They ended up unloading the women while some of the men took the original tire to Guimbal to have it fixed. After about an hour of waiting, they came back, with the verdict: tire is beyond repair. So we sent my sister-in-law, her daughter and a male family friend with the family we just met. The plan was we stay to guard the car, they go get tire fixed in the city and get extra tires if needed. It drizzled. But we were in good spirits, so we were fine.

I was left with the guys: my 2 older brothers and my 2 younger nephews. I was not willing to go home just yet. And well, I really don't want to hitch a ride on a cramped jeep. So I stayed with the guys and we talked while the rain drizzled.

During our small talk, we discovered that the songs we sang back in kindergarten, all had the same tune: Ba Ba Blacksheep, The Alphabet Song and Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star. All have the same sound. This discovery was a result to listening to a 3 year old sing all three songs one after another. I find it amusing. That all these years, I never realized all three songs is just the same song with different lyrics. :) Hmmmmmm. And my teachers back in kindergarten never told me this. A conspiracy! Hehehe.

Vincent van Gogh, who himself suffered from depression and committed suicide, painted this picture in 1890 of a man that can symbolize the desperation and hopelessness felt in depression

Our conversations turned to a more serious note. My eldest brother revealed that clinical depression actually runs in the family. His wife, a psychiatrist, made this observation among us siblings. And came to that conclusion, that we were all clinically depressed at one point or another - most of it happened when we reached the second and third year of college. To some of us, this resulted to major life changes. To some, it had been an obstacle to get over. And all seven of us siblings went through it. So it was not ADHD at all. It was chronic depression. And the funny thing is, depression is present in half of the country's population - but has remained undiagnosed in the majority. We laughed about this news. It again would explain a lot of things. Why we were the way we were and why we had trouble getting out of it. The cure really starts in the awareness of being depressed. It is easily treatable. The problem is in realizing that you are depressed and need help. :) The only reason we survived our depressions was because we were too analytical to stya depressed. Hehehe. So that was what it was. And that is why we are.

So this is the final confirmation: we are crazy. It runs in the family. And damn it, we don't really care. Crazy people are destined to greatness - hehehe. And we all laughed ... as all nuts do.


mellowyellow said...

All the best people are crazy *hums ba ba black sheep to the tune of Twinkle little star*

Anonymous said...

just one of those family nutcase stumbling upon your case history, hahaha.

see you soon.

-the 3rd nut from the sun.