On Being Me

I really hate periods. Stomach pains have gotten worst now that I'm getting older. If I had been a boy, I don't have to face these monthly battles. But I wonder if women are the stronger sex because of such battles. That includes giving birth of course. There can't be anything that can compare with that.

We hired a teacher to each us javascript yesterday. And I really enjoyed the class. The geek in me. We had these exercises where we have to make things happen on an html page. I love it. It's like solving a jigsaw puzzle or a brain basher puzzle ... only better because you wouldn't know the right answers till you get it and there are so many ways to get it ... that making the least codes ... well, it's a challenge. And I love a challenge.

I expected myself to dive at it this Sunday, but I decided to just relax. I spent my day eating papaya and watching old movies. Watched Al Pacino's Author, Author and my favorite Fonda movie, The Golden Pond. Mainly, I just chilled out till I've actually frozen.

I'm wide awake at 3 a.m. now. I've been doing that a lot and find myself really tired when I get to the office. But I can't change back my sleeping patterns just yet. It has embeded itself in my brain and I biologically wake myself up like a self-timing alarm clock. Yup, I'm beginning to sound like my mother. I'm beginning to fear dying like my mother did. But that's just me.

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