Too early

Haven't had my morning coffee yet but I'm already at work. I love riding jeepneys to work very early in the morning. Most students would have arrived in their respective schools. Office workers with 8 to 5 jobs will still be haggling with the maid about dinner and doing last minute housekeeping before heading off to work. So that makes the minutes between 7 to 7:15 a.m the best time to travel. Jeepneys will have generous seats available and will be generally quick in picking up passengers. The sun will not yet be sweltering hot and will be at an angle where the coolness shade of trees would touch your skin. Except for the occasional perverts who like peeping at your low neckline, you can get to the office quite relaxed. I use this time to be oblivious to the world by reading a book on the jeep. My oblivion is heightened by the earphones attached to my mp3 player which I would play loud enough to drown even the noisiest of engines.

Yup. Waking early even without coffee has its rewards.

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