Lake House

Was telling the Viking last night how I was so busy with work that I've been feeling so very disconnected from anything else. Disconnected from humanity because it's all been work. And the people I speak closely to, I talk through machines. Yup, I'm so feeling alienated from every thing else and though I love learning new things at work, I really wish I could just have some time to drink coffee with friends and talk about reality. No shop talk or scripts or reports. Just personal stuff. Sigh. I will have to make time and make it a top priority this week.

Was watching Lake House last night with sisters. Really liked it. I don't know why it was never a blockbuster. Maybe it's because of the impossibility of the timeline? :) That was fine with me. He's alive! He's alive! It reminded me of a J.D. Salinger short story ;) But it was sweet, really. Pulitzer Prize winner and Tony Awardee David Auburn writes the screenplay. I think it was unique. I just have some questions. Why didn't they show the bedroom of the lake house? Was there ever a bedroom since it was a glass house? I like the plot twist. I like how they started the movie at her leaving and his arriving. I'm adding it to my chick flick list of Pretty Woman and You've Got Mail among others. :) I like movies that make me feel good about the world in general.

Finished JD Salinger's Nine Stories. My favorite is Esme - With Love and Squalor. Still, despite of the loveliness of my books and the movies I watch, nothing can replace the sweetness of reality.

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