Drawn By Desire

Finished the book English Patient and Umberto Eco' How To Travel With A Salmon. Love both.

It's going to be a very busy week. Sometimes I can't stop to think but just do one task after the other. It's therepeutic somehow. But I miss my rest. And I will miss my books. Just started a new one but looks like I won't be able to touch it till next week.

Two choices:
1. Leave everything familiar to you, live independently without the comforts of home to pursue love, and take a job which you detest although it may not be permanent, live as a second-class citizen but have the opportunity to live your dreams after ten years.


2. Stay with everything you love deeply, live like a queen, Go to a job you enjoy and never feel like you're working everyday of your life but never have the opportunity to make your dreams come true.

In a map that Singh found in Lord Suffolk's room:
"Mapped by R. Fones. Drawn by desire of Mr. James Halliday."
"Drawn by desire ..." He was beginning to love the English."

English Patient, Michael Ondaatje

I am drawn by desire. Hehehe.

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cyro said...

Nice post to reflect upon.. hehehe.