Heat is On

Yesterday, I walked four blocks. Had two errands to run. The first was to drop by my boss'es house to get a fax message and the second was to take shots of the Hall of Justice for a website. It was freaking hot at 4 pm. But since I was not getting any exercise, I decided to walk. The jeep detours behind UP and decides to head straight to downtown Iloilo. I went down San Agustin, walked to my boss'es house, then from there, walked to the Hall of Justice. The funny thing was, even though it was very humid, the walk made me feel better. I really need to walk some more.

It's 87 degrees today. My brain is dried up and I can't seem to move an inch without dropping sweat. I carry my electric fan wherever I go. And I can't get myself to work if I feel hot. I take baths two times a day now which is ironic because there is a water shortage. I get headaches if my head heats up.

My boobs are tender and hurt. I don't know if its a warning that my period is getting near. Or it's reminding me to take that operation. Maybe it's just the heat.

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