I love affirmation

I got my first website pay check. I have three choices: (1) Pay loans it took me to start a business. (2) Pay for the router which I am using and currently don't need since I'm the only one with a computer at home. (3) Get the breast operation. I'm leaning on the first two. But neglecting three might be a huge mistake in the long run. I did say I will self-destruct at the age of 38. I have 18 months left. Morbid. I know, I am morbid but nobody reads this blog anyway so it will be our little secret.

I got my validation. I'm doing a layout for a cake brochure. It's something I always wanted to do and always seem to do for free. But now, I will get paid to do it which is soooooo cool. And my client just told me that my price is too low. She says "selling good taste is not cheap." Hehehe. I love being praised - hahaha.

I hope this business flourishes. Was it in the Alchemist that said that when you follow your dream, the world will conspire to make that dream come true? I think the world is now in conspiracy. I'm getting a free training on .net on Monday. Yey!

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