alley- whoops

Experimented with sub domains in my two blogger blogs and lost both of them - wehehehe. That's what you get for not reading full instructions and jump into it like a blind nitwit. Hopefully, I will have both of them online in two days. Otherwise, I'm stuck with seven :D

I tried reading Jane Austen's Persuasion last night but I can't get through five pages without falling asleep. I used to love reading the classics ... but I don't know why I have so very little patience for it now. Maybe it's from watching too many episode of West Wing. They get to the gist of the issue immediately and I seem to like it that way.

By the way, found two possibles for pretend boyfriend, pretend date soon to happen. I might post or not post what happens next. Why? Because it's not my life - hehehe.

I'm tired. I feel really fat and tired. I'm gonna lie down and have my nails done then watch more episodes of West Wing.

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Junelle said...

WOW, impressive pretend boyfriends were fast.

Hmm... this might be a start of the dating game here in your blog. Well, could you find me a BOYRFRIEND .. not a pretend one ... for real :)

Valentines is coming and my lovelife is ZERO!

Here are the description of my ideal man: