Ay sa kakapuy!!!!

Finished a 3-day training after a two-day bilad-sa-araw at the Kasadyahan and Dinagyang Festival. Had very little sleep and I have my regular work piling up. It should be a good thing that I didn't take any odd jobs this month or else I would've killed myself. But then again, I feel most happy when I'm right in the midst of everything - tired or energetic. It's the best place to be.

Found this list at Yahoo: Three Signs of a Miserable Job. The opposite of which is three signs why I like what I do:

1. I am not anonymous. I teach people and I like that they learn from me, sometimes with resentment - hehehe - because what I teach is quite new and difficult for them. But I like it when people I teach are willing to learn.

2. I am not irrelevant. I truly believe that what we do at work makes a difference in people's lives. Make it a little easier for them to work in the long-run. That to me is important even when I design websites.

3. I can measure my contribution to a project. Albeit small as it maybe to others, I feel I am valued by my colleagues, my peers, my supervisor and my student-assistants. And I don't say that to be arrogant. I like that they can listen to me and that I can listen to them.

The fact that I feel somewhat successful in my line of work, I also feel somewhat a failure in my lovelife - hahaha. For the moment, I don't really care. But I wonder of it's effects much later, when I grow old alone.

Maybe I should get married. But would that get in the way of my love for my work? Hmmmmm. We choose our happiness. We dig our graves.

Bad luck. Good luck. Who knows?

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