Fly High

I've been waking up very early for the last two weeks to commute to work. I usually hate jeepney rides but I love them if I can leave the house extra early. Plus I haven't been late for work for two whole weeks. (Pat self on back, you go girl!) After a few days, the highlight of my ride is going over the fly over - hahaha. Babaw!

Here's a list of movies I highly recommend. And I only recommend those I've seen and those that tore me to bits and made me laugh and kept me thinking till the credits were over. They may or may not be on your screens yet. Some of them may be really old too, but in case you miss them, they are a must watch.

1. Bucket List (Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson; for grown-up kids with Dads)
2. Juno (all start cast; not only for pregnant teenagers, mind you)
3. Atonement (Ha! La lang. I just love James McAvoy)
4. Becoming Jane (What's her name and James McAvoy; If you read her books, its a must)
5. Feast of Love (Morgan Freeman again; for the in-love, with or without partner)
6. Children of Men (Clive Owen -mmmmmmmm. In HBO for limited period)
7. The Brave One (Jodie Foster in a kick-ass role)
8. The Nanny Diaries (yup yup yup!)

I know there are two more but I can't remember their titles. Hmmmm ... I was never good at that.

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Junelle said...

I watched Juno when I was pregnant ... and I produced this http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2278/2186747164_e435460eec_m.jpg