The problem with being single and independent, and having no one to pick you up after work and look after you is that you get prone to advances, not only from single guys, but from very married men. No, I'm not describing myself - HAHAHAHA! If I was, you would not hear about it in this blog - wahahahaha!

The only way to ward off such unwanted admirers (powerful, blatant and arrogant as they may be) without hurting their feelings or nipping their approach at "can we be friends?" (ulk! cough cough!) is to get a pretend boyfriend.

My girlfriend is 34 and she needs a pretend boyfriend. She's tall, gorgeous, confident, witty, intelligent, independent without becoming too much of a feminist and she lives in Iloilo. We need someone who is tall, confident, witty, intelligent, manly without becoming too much of a chauvinist and lives in Iloilo. He has to be 34 to 40 years old, NOT MARRIED! and currently single, or may not be single but can pretend to be one (no ring in finger please!). Resumes can be emailed to ilongga70@gmail.com. Please include picture. If you have a male friend who needs a pretend girlfriend for a few weeks, please please! GRAB THIS OPPORTUNITY.

We need just s few days to show him off to the married guy and he will be free to pursue whatever it is he is chasing after. Deal or no deal?


Junelle said...

wow ... it is going to be a hard find ... since mostly men 34-40 are already called a family man ... if not - then ... he must be a not for keeps kind of man ... Sorry ... I know someone tall and single, but not that old ;)

ilongga70 said...

Such is the misfortune of people in our age group. Sigh. Maybe we should settle for older looking young men?

There are a lot of men in that age group still out there. They just don't want to be found. Or maybe we never tried hard enough to look for them because we never found a need to. The ones we know, are the ones the married man already know - so that leaves us with very little choices.

If push comes to shove, we will have to resort to the more practical remedy - BE BRUTALLY FRANK. I don't see why we can't do it now but my girlfriend says she can't handle it.