Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

My book arrived Monday morning. Someone placed it on my desk. I jumped when I spotted the LBC plastic that covered it. Thanks to our bunso for going with my whim to buy the book between his busy schedule and sending it over the seas just to complete my happiness. Wehehehe.

I assured my brother that he doesn't need to read it. It's a chick flick book, not for men despite the vampires and werewolves in the story. The plot though complicated does not really have the depth and twist I would want in the books I read. But I do love it. Because I'm a chick that gets attracted to witty exchanges between male and female as well as an inborn obsession to romantic love stories. So there. Despite going "bleeeech" on diabetes-inducing phrases, I have to admit it. I'm a chick. This book proves it.

There is a certain relief to seeing an end to a certain obsession.

Unfortunately, it was a slow relief. I was SWAMPED with work. This week, every time I get home, I get to work immediately after dinner until midnight. Sometimes I go over but I try to make it a point to stop at midnight to give myself time to stop worrying over deadlines and expectations (mostly mine). Because I don't go off to sleep when I get to bed, I read my new book. Unitl one in the morning. To make sure I don't look like a zombie the next day.

At the office, I finish all my immediate tasks in the first hour and work on the mundane stuff later. After I get that all done. I read my new book. I read it as I walk slowly to the bathroom or to when delivering a document to another office. I read it on the ride to and from the office. I read it as I drink my coffee or when I'm waiting for my sister. I read it when I walk to the atm and read it in the elevator. I read it when I can. I have discovered that I have hidden powers to avoid people , walls, steps and other distractions when I walk while reading the book.

So I finally finished it today. All 754 pages of it. And I have satisfied my hunger.

Finally! Now I can go on with my life.

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