Twilight movie

The book ruined it for me. Maybe I expected too much. And I had such high hopes for Kirsten Stewart as Bella and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. Make-up was horrendous. The script lacking - majorly lacking. And everything ... well, just blah. Huge disappointment. I should've just stuck with the book.

The only actor I really liked is Charlie Swan. And I did love the scenic spots, the forest and the cinematography can sometimes be ... well, really pretty.

I wonder if people who have not read the book liked it? If I haven't read the book, would I have liked it? Probably not. I'm thinking of reading Twilight again and redoing the whole movie in my head. :) I will attempt to forget that I didn't like it.

I hope they don't destroy the Time Traveller's Wife for me, too.

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