Eclipse again

Ok, I take it back. I don't entirely hate it. But I still don't like it as much as the first book. I can't stand mushy. I tell my friends that Edward is too perfect. Too perfect to be normal. And they remind me that he is not normal. He's a vampire for God's sake.

I still don't have my last book but will have it soon. ROY! Hint Hint! Sigh. Can't wait.

Spent the holidays in Passi to visit my father's parents and we also stayed a few hours in Forest Lake with my mom. Still have asthma. Viking has pneumonia. We are both sick with breathing problems. Sigh. Life could only get easier if only we had cleaner air.

No internet at home. The modem died in the middle of a download. shee-it. Now what? I'm typing this in an internet cafe - not very comfortable since I'm used to my privacy and my David. But had to check mail for clients. Can't wait to have my home network back again.

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