A few months ago, my brother emailed me asking me to send him a picture of my mom. I photographed the very few that were rescued from the flood but I don't think I got to send them to him. I didn't ask why he wanted them. I guess, I knew that we all need to see pics of our moms ever so often.

I miss my mom. Sometimes terribly so.

When I find it difficult to handle Tatay.
When I feel unappreciated for my sacrifices at home.
When I feel burdened with responsibilities at home.
When people seems to think I should be the one to ask for something I can't answer.
When I don't know what to do.
When I see something mom-related.
When I see something my mom would have enjoyed.
When I see something cancer-related.
When my friends' parents get cancer.
When I bump into her friends.
When I triumph over something.
When a family member accomplishes something.
When one of my siblings need help and we can't get to him/her.
When I feel helpless.
When it's her birthday. and when it's my birthday.
When it's her death anniversary.
On Christmas, New Year and all those significant family holidays.
When it's mother's day.

Took these with an old phone cam. They're not very good but they will do for now until I find those pics in my back-up cds.

Happy Mother's Day Nay! Hope your making the most of your wanderlust wherever you are :)

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