Blue is my favorite color

I know I need not say that. My work area speaks for itself. And my blog is blue. Don't bother for a closer look at the guy pic in my pocket PC. You won't get a clear view anyway :P

As I was saying, I was watching the Emmy's tonight and just had a great time. Writers are really funny people and I love all the writer award segments tonight. Neil Patrick Harris was great and I love the In memoriam Song. Favorite part was Conan ignoring friends request of his writers in facebook. Oh and Jimmy Fallon - hahaha - just love that.

Which brings me to my real topic. I'm giving myself an award tonight. It's been a week. I have been eating healthy - my sanggchu diet :) No - I'm not trying to lose weight. I was just trying to get rid of constant constipation - LOL! Ok, my secret's out. I still need to see a doctor but I'm still being hard-headed on that matter. I still think I have a death wish despite my eating healthy. But that's beside the point. I want to share with you a recipe my lawyer brother taught me. It's called blue salad and I've been eating it a lot. I have other salads of course, but the blue salad I eat at least once a day. Too expensive to be a regular meal but I love it so I'm willing to go by the mile because it's the only thing I will eat that's healthy. It's originally called baby blue salad because ideally you would need blue cheese. But regular cheese seems to work fine if you're not that picky. Instead of grapes and mangoes, I sometimes use papaya or passion fruit and they work too. I can do without peanuts but not without the honey. And did you know that you can buy inexpensive honey by the bottle at SM Supermart? Really! If I don't eat blue salads, I eat friend chicken with sanggchu (lettuce) and no rice. The diet had made me feel lighter but I haven't lost weight yet. That would need me to get up and exercise LOL! And I'm still working on the will power part.

This is tomorrow's lunch. I'm hopeless in the kitchen but this I can prepare by myself. You don't know how much a sharp knife and a peeler can do wonders to my confidence as a cook. And I didn't even have to touch the stove! Ha! I think I've found my calling. I should just learn making organic salads, then I'll never have to touch fire for the rest of my life :)
Here's the recipe. Enjoy :)

Balsamic Vinaigrette
cheese, crumbled
ripe mangoes, peeled and cut into thin slices

Toss greens and crumbled cheese. Arrange mango slices evenly over greens; sprinkle evenly with grapes, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, white onions and top evenly with peanuts. Then lace with honey and Balsamic Vinaigrette.


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