This guy turned 19!

I know your not suppose to play favorites among nephews and nieces, but I think an aunt is always entitled to have a special place for the child she had to care for the most. I love all my nephews and nieces but this guy literally grew up with me. I have changed his diapers, saw him wet his pants, loved him when he had no teeth, celebrated almost all his birthdays with him, saw drama in his life with broken hearts and unfulfilled promises, survived a flood with him, but most of all saw him triumph over his limits. To me, he is larger than life :)

Vector art was done on and off for five hours. This one has been filtered with poster edges for effect. Two more nephews to go. Then I draw my four brothers, my two sis-in-laws, and finally my Mom. The rest who want this done for free, will just have to pick a number and wait - hahaha ;)

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