Week Smart

My phrase for the week: Work smart :) Can't seem to get that off my head.

So I'm home now, basking on the glory of a new haircut courtesy of my sister. She has volunteered me to be her guinea pig and I needed a haircut anyway, so hair is two-inch shorter with a V-shape. Doesn't look that different. I don't comb my hair as much as I should so I really can't see the difference hahaha. I'm really hopeless with all the girl-ly stuff. A friend of mine mentioned I should wear make-up, not that I needed it but because it will make me feel better. I'm not sure I agree with that but well, we'll see if I have time for make-up or would bother to make the time.

So it's been a pretty hectic week. Been attending mini-seminars with IBM guests of different nationalities. Got to spend more time with co-workers and I really like the inputs. I'm looking forward to applying everything I learned from the lectures. I am hopeful that top management will support our plans and that as a team we could make an effort to do good. My Super friends are super excited. So it's pretty easy to be all enthusiastic about our future as the Mission Impossible Squad (MIS) - (insert Mission Impossible movie background music here). Hay, I'm looking at more work but I really don't mind. Something must be really wrong with me LOL.

Had dinner with superfriends last Friday. Drank a bit - a little bit of gin, a little bit of the new beer and well mostly vodka. I was fighting the urge to throw up later that night. Last time I got drunk at Smallville, I remember breaking a plate, throwing my shoes and dancing on top of the sofa. I got to meet the rest of the IBM crew so it was an interesting night though I didn't get to dance as much. Bottomline is, I had a great time. Life shouldn't be all work after all. If you got to work hard, you need to play hard to strike a balance. So I didn't throw up, did sing, did dance and had an acute hangover the next day.

Saturday night was chick flick night. I went out with sis-in-law, my nieces and Doray. We watched the John Lloyd flick. Yes, you read it right. A John Lloyd Flick. Yes, me! Hahaha. The last tagalog movie I saw was ... Dekada 70 I think, or maybe Jologs, or that Claudine Barreto-Rico Yan movie that reminded me of Ally McBeal. Basta it's been ages. But they keep telling me how good "In My Life" is so I finally got curious and watched. And I liked it. I really did. Vilma Santos is still the Meryl Streep of Filipino movies. And John Lloyd was impressive. I never liked him much because I always associated him with sobrang cheesy scenes. So I was not really expecting much from him. But I am impressed. Luis manzano was not bad too. And the twist ... well I knew someone would die but I didn't quite expect what happened so yes, I really liked it. Not at all sobrang cheesy.

After doing some work yesterday, I decided to laze down today. My sister is leaving for Manila so it will just be me going to work everyday. Which also means I probably will forget I had to go home alone too and end up late at the office again. Oh well, maybe I'll accomplish more? At the very least, I won't be late this week :)

Hmmmm, don't work hard, work smart. Play hard ... die young LOL!!!!

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