Haven't caught up with sleep yet. Worked until 12 midnight last night. Then watched CSI until 2 am. I miss Grissom. But Laurence Fishburne works too.

Posting a picture of my siblings. It was by accident that we did get together - all seven of us. My brother's flight was canceled because there was a runway problem. He and his guests, wife and daughter were forced to spend the night and that was why we finally got together - all seven.

Some people get shocked sometimes at our sarcasm. We can't be corny to each other. It's just too ... uncomfortable. But though we do fight and have our differences, we are bound by blood and I think that helps us forgive each other or at least know that we can't get rid of each other that easily. There's love in there somewhere - LOL. I think we all know that no matter what happens, we will always have each other's back. Sounds like we survived a war together or something - hehe but I guess we had. Revolutions and world war, even alien attacks :)

So here's the pic of my siblings and my Dad. How we all fit in this strange but enjoyable sarcastic family we grew up in is a miracle. But hey, me thinks miracles happen in my family everyday - hahaha.

A quick intro:
The reformist is the eldest and is a lawyer.
The conscience is born 2nd and is a priest.
The ring leader is also the court jester and is a computer analyst for Apple.
The visionary is the eldest of the girls and is a government employee, an event planner and a video editor all rolled up in one.
The dreamer, well, that's fat little me, a government employee who sidelines as a web and graphic designer.
The cynic is the youngest female and works unbelievable so, for the Church - the Archdiocese of Jaro.
The skeptic is the youngest, was a menopausal baby who now works as a Java Programmer for Headstrong and will be leaving for the US soon.
The reason for all of us is my dear old Dad. Nanay must be turning on her grave right about now and cracking tears of laughter.

Among the seven, only two are married, three have kids, and only two finished college in four years like normal people do. There are 27 college courses between all of us, 10 of those were my Dad's :) The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as you can see. Two live in Manila and the rest choose to stay here in Iloilo. Six of the seven wears glasses. Four smoke once in awhile. Three have asthma (including the one who smokes). Each one owns at least a PC or a laptop so we constantly communicate online. All seven are as opinionated as my Dad. At my mother's wake, we all found out that each one of us were told secretly, that we were my mother's favorite child :) We speak Hiligaynon but we argue in English. I don't know why that is.

Just imagine what our house would look like if we had a party and invited all our friends :) They usually fill every room in the house plus the sidewalk across the street.

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