I'm Alive

Looks like I'm going to survive November after all. Felt like I haven't stopped working since October. It's been one project after another - and I know this should be a good thing although I'm already tired just thinking about it - I have a waitlist for December :) I am thankful (Lord, I really am!) ... but sometimes I'm afraid for my life. LOL.

People tend to think that just because I have lots of projects also means I have lots of money. What they don't know is that since I love making designs, I also tend to say yes to a lot of probono work. And tend to say yes to all my friends (and I have lots of them!) - and relatives - although I make them wait a lot too. I can usually manage my dudsonline workload easily but my day job got kinda hectic this month. People in my day job discovered my hidden "skill" - LOL - and keep passing me work that's not on my job description. And on top of that, I have to keep doing jobs that is really mine. Oh, and the IBM people introduced us to lots of ideas that I want to work and implement. And since nobody at work seems to be taking the initiative, I keep pushing it. So it's like I have five jobs.

I might need therapy. I need to learn to say NO. Or STOP! But how can you say NO to something you like doing?

Albert Einstein once said that "If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal. Not to people or things." When I see a project, I immediately see a goal. So I don't really care if it pays, or not. It's just something to work for. And I am happy, and I get really excited ... at least to a point. When my body screams due to lack of sleep or my butt gets really sore from sitting too much, I lose that happiness. Then I get stressed and start screaming and playing stuff like Canon Rock - hahaha.

I still don't have a switch in my brain to turn off work when I have to. I've found effective ways to divert attention for a few precious minutes though. I blog, I take a walk, I have quick chats with friends (online now most of the time coz I can't leave the computer), and I watch short videos on You Tube.

Then I find muppets and Queen - love Beaker and the Mana-mana guy! :) And then I forget health and decide I can put up with the butt sore.

I wonder if happy people die early?

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