Kapuy Kaayo

I'm back. Have very little to say for now. Tired. Sleepy. You know the drill. Here's a brief summary in pics. More pics on the other blog or my flickr page. Yawnnnnn.

Spent the first night on the TransAsia boat to Cebu. We left Iloilo at 6pm and arrived at 7am. Stayed tourist class so had a lot of fun. Saw this spot of sunlight peeping behind a cloud in the early morning. They say dolphins were swimming near the boat too but I missed that coz I slept too soundly.

Dumaluan Beach Resort, Bohol. We stayed here the second night. Lovely hotel room. And plenty of things to do. But unfortunately we arrived quite late and had to leave quite early.

The best part of the trip if you ask me. We stayed at the Hidden Valley Resort, Lamac - an hour and a half from Toledo, Cebu. Went swimming in the evening, enjoyed a farmer's rondalla concert during dinner and sang until morning. Woke up early to take pics.

Sleeping soon. g'night.

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