Happy Birthday to me

Warning: There is no point to this birthday post. Just random thoughts put together.

On the year I was born, the well known First Quarter Storm happened in the gates of Malacanang, where Marcos was then President; 50,000 students and laborers stormed the palace and were met with gunfire and tear gas grenades. That year, the Constitutional Convention of 1970 was called to change the existing Philippine Constitution which was made during the Commonwealth of the Philippines.

It was also the year when they held the largest rock festival of all time, The Isle of Wight Festival, that took place with 600,000 people attending; where Jimi Hendrix, The Who, the Doors and Chicago performed. Later that same year Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin died. It was the year when Simon and Garfunkel released their final album, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “The Long and Winding Road” became the last No. 1 song of the Beatles.

My mother’s mother also died that year. I didn’t get to meet her but I was the three month bump under my mother’s dress in the old pictures. While all of the above was happening, I wasn’t really born yet. I arrived on the last month of that year, just when everybody else was looking back at the year that was. I was born just as my new year was about to end.

I was born in the year of chaos. I don’t think that has anything to do with my personality – although it would certainly explain a lot; I do think it played some part on how I grew up or how I was brought up. Not much has changed. It is still a chaotic world. I wonder if this world has ever known peace?

The most troublesome habit formed about being born on the year that ends in zero, I tend to count my present age according to that year. Like 2009 – I will turn 39 – only to remember that I don’t turn 39 until the year ends. And I pretty much think I’m 39 the whole year instead of thinking 38 because it was 2009. Get it? Nevermind.

I turn 39 today. I’m supposed to self-destruct at the age of 38 so while writing this I’m half expecting something to happen to me, which is unlikely, but who knows. I’ve always thought my 13 year old self was quite wise for thinking of self-destruction 25 years into her future. But if that’s not going to happen, well, onward I go.

I started the above montage four years ago. I wanted to document how I age. It was quite difficult to put together because my age and the years the pics were taken jumbles up the chronology. Anyway, a friend told me that I seem to have lots to smile about all through out my life. I agree. So despite the chaos, there is … a lot of sense of humor in there LOL. How else could I have survived all these years? So cheers to all the funny people I’ve met in my life – I thank you for your wit, your craziness and your perfect timing on the punchline.

To my God who knows me better than I know myself, thank you for another year. Again, I am overwhelmingly grateful for my weird family, my ever-lasting friendships, my wise mentors, for love in all the wrong places – LOL! ... Bansai! For Peace!

Below is The Doonesbury cartoon posted December 22, 1970 in the New York times. Pretty much sums up my philosophies in life haha!


Totomel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nang Dudz! i am pretty entertained by how you take note of the important events in history of the year you were born. the pictures are also well documented and believe me there is so much youthfulness in your smiles which hid all the years of aging in your face.

God Bless You :)

ilongga70 said...

Salamat Totomel. History is so important. I guess we don't realize that until you start to feel age. Yup, thank God there was more to smile about. Sorry for the very late reply.