My Blog turns Five

My Blog is five years old today. Let me celebrate with Corinne Bailey Rae :)

My sentiments exactly. Here's my first post. Sigh! I keep forgetting his birthday. I'm sure he feels relieved - hahaha. I'm in a better place. And hope he is too ;)

Just like a star across my sky,
Just like an angel off the page,
You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I'll never be the same,
Just like a song in my heart,
Just like oil on my hands,
Honour to love you

Still I wonder why it is,
I don't argue like this,
With anyone but you,
We do it all the time,
Blowing out my mind,

You've got this look I can't describe,
You make me feel like I'm alive,
When everything else is au fait,
Without a doubt you're on my side,
Heaven has been away too long,
Can't find the words to write this song,
Oh... Your love,

Still I wonder why it is,
I don't argue like this,
With anyone but you,
We do it all the time,
Blowing out my mind,

Now I have come to understand,
The way it is,
It's not a secret anymore,
'cause we've been through that before,
From tonight I know that you're the only one,
I've been confused and in the dark,
Now I understand,

I wonder why it is,
I don't argue like this,
With anyone but you,
I wonder why it is,
I wont let my guard down,
For anyone but you
We do it all the time,
Blowing out my mind,

Just like a star across my sky,
Just like an angel off the page,
You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I'll never be the same,
Just like a song in my heart,
Just like oil on my hands


He Flies Back

Two years ago, a crow perched itself by my window and we had a lovely time. Out of the blue, he flew back in and nothing seems to have changed. Well, maybe except me - hahaha. I love interesting conversations. Kahit walang seryoso na pinaguusapan. Was is in the movie Benjamin Button, that said: We never seem to remember the names of the people who make a significant impact in our lives? Or something to that effect? Button was referring to the lady who taught him how to play the piano in the retirement home?

crow: hi miss beautiful. hoy gising
me: sino ka?
crow: oy di na ko kilala
me: sino ka nga?
crow: hulaan mo
me: hint
crow: make a guess
me: pahingi nga ng clue
crow: im from manila.
me: um ... ikaw si Erap? hahaha
crow: try again
me: ur from Ateneo?
crow: im not that rich
me: UP then
crow: someone u love
me: hahahaha. laking clue yun (finally realizing who he was and nothing to do with his clue – bwahaha)
crow: oh, im not the only one
me: ur from Santo Tomas. formerly Batangas boy ka. u worked in Iloilo for sometime. got into trouble. got religious and moved back to manila. but for the life of me, i cant even remember ur name. tama ba?
crow: yap, you got it baby
me: ano nga pangalan mo?
crow: (bleep)
me: (bleep) ba? buhay ka pa pala. wer ka na ngayon?
crow: nasa makati ulit, naghahanap ulit ng gulo
me: haha. nasa nature mo naman yata yun eh
crow: ang galing naman how you describe me "got religious and moved back to manila"
me: hahaha. I introduced you to the adoration chapel. yun yung naalala ko
crow: yes, and thanks for that, it helped me a lot during that time
me: good. pogi points sa heaven for me. if there is a heaven
crow: galit ka na naman ba sa mundo? the way you speak up parang may galit ah
me: on the contrary. i love the world. i love life. i just dont believe in religion nor marriage nor ... marami pa. iniba mo yata ang paningin ko sa buhay eh. kaya kasalanan mo to.
crow: ako na naman, sinasabi ko na nga ba
me: o di ba. at least lasting yung memory mo kahit di maremember yung pangalan hahaha
crow: e bakit ako, di ko nalilimutan pangalan mo
me: pero convenient nga that i have my name onscreen di ba
crow: can we change the topic and discuss something more significant
me: hahaha. which is?
crow: ewan ko
me: ano nga ba significant ngayon? con-ass? ang sakit ni Cory? Ah1n1? lovelife mo na lang kaya? ayun significant yun
crow: kumusta ang love life mo ngayon
me: sabi ko lovelife mo
crow: naalala ko lang ng andyan pa ako, tayong dalawa. do u still remember?
me: ay oo. I was young. It wont happen again
crow: your response is so cold, i feel it, bakit kaya
me: hahaha. cold ba? di uy
crow: yon yong pakiramdam ko, parang bale wala sa yo
me: as i recall, what we had was what it was. nothing more, nothing less (his own words two years ago :P ). di naman cold yun. ganun lang talaga yun
crow: oo nga. kailan kaya mauulit yon
me: eto talaga
crow: punta ka naman dito sa manila
me: i did. didnt know where to find u. kaya umuwi na lang ako
crow: sayang ah. kailan yon. ngayon pwede na, sabihin mo lang kung pupunta ka dito
me: sige. next trip ko yata 2015 pa eh. hehe
crow: buhay pa kaya ako. sige lang pag nagpunta ka dito prompt mo ko, pag nagpunta ako dyan sabihin ko sa yo
me: opo (bleep). got to go. work pa ko. alis ko early office ngayon
crow: mamaya na lang kung kailan gumaganda ang kwentuhan, saka naman mawawala
me: cant help it if I'm interesting
crow: I dont get you
me: (in my mind – Um ... You never did :) ) hahaha. cge na bye na. mag pakabait ka ha
crow: how can i contact you?

And so it ends again. As fast as the wind sweeps in, so it sweeps out - hahaha. No regrets :)


Canon Rocks

I'm not much of a heavy metal music fan but if I hear something familiar with a twist, I prick my ears quickly. Just like when David Cook put his twist on Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby".

Anyways, I found a new favorite. I saw Hyun Joong perform this on You Tube but my nephew told me that the original version was performed, arranged and played by a certain Taiwanese boy named Jerry Chang. I've listened to the other versions, others probably better than the first but you can't take away the honor of being first from the FIRST! So Kudos to Jerry C. I really love this.

"Canon Rock" is a neo-classical metal arrangement of Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D major by the Taiwanese musician and composer Jerry Chang (JerryC). The composition contains a variety of melodic licks (more suitable for the advanced guitarists), showing Jerry's unique way of phrasing and his finger dexterity. The piece became popular on the internet after a video of JerryC playing the piece was posted online. The rendition has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and television shows. The re-arrangement was composed within two weeks.

The most famous of the Canon Rock versions is by the South Korean guitarist Lim Jeong-hyun, also known as “funtwo”, his Internet alias.

I loved the arrangement so much, I cried! I told my nephew that I want him to play this song at my funeral - hahaha. And my epitaph would say: "Don't think you can keep me down here!" :)


Hwang Bo

I have a theory. I think the fastest way to get rid of an obsession is to pursue it relentlessly. And after saturating yourself with all the information and all the kilig factor you can get out of it, you eventually grow tired of the obsession and eventually give it up to a new one - hehe. It's been a month - NOT WORKING!!!!!!

So I decided to put it to good use. My Hwang Bo Art in Vector. Took me about 8 hours to finish it. Stayed up until two in the morning and edited it yet again when I woke up. Geeeeeezzzz!!! Click on the pic for a better look.

Now, if you're a fan, you will notice the little things. Like this:

And this: :)

That's Kim Hyun Joong in the eyeglsses and that's the rumored necklace which I hope is true.

Never really did give much details to my work but this one, well ... I kinda got carried away. I just love her figure. I have free desktop wallpapers for those interested. Leave me a message ;)


Better or Worse

My work load is better this week. Bearable and manageable. Last week was not only stressful, it was damn exhausting. But better this week. Much.

But I'm sick this week too. The side effects of stress and early morning naps before heading off to work. I was kinda floating around in a daze last week. But I feel a flu coming in. And my brain is friggin' dry. And I have pain a whole lot of areas that I didn't know I had. So I might feel worse this week. Much.

I'm not really sure.

By the way, I went out with my primary school classmates last week. It was an impromptu get together. Some of us haven't seen each other for about 25 years. So it was a bit strange. And a bit awesome too. Great catching up with who's doing what and where. But here's a statistic which I think should alarm our generation: Out of the seven who came to that reunion, only one remained married. The other six either had an annuled marriage, is separated, or stayed single. Hmmmmmmm. One of us said that our age group seems to have an expiration date when it comes to relationships. Should I worry that my generation can't stay married or just refuse to get married? Hmmmmmmm again. One thing is for sure, we are more liberal than our parents were; our women more independent. But that doesn't say much about our generation does it? :)

I'm really looking forward to the weekend.

And no, my laptop's name is not Hyun Joong. It's Atticus. I decided that since I can't speak Korean or even Chinese, then I shouldn't give anything I own a name I wouldn't be able to read if I see it ;) So Atticus it is :)


tededede tededede

Alone in a hotel room with wifi, cable tv and air-conditioner. With my new laptop. Finally, some peace and quiet. I'm soooooo loving this. It's been a hell of a week. I had stress, battled sickness, had arguments, kept my eyes open with just 3-4 hours sleep in-between and troubled about having to wear a dress to an affair. And to top it off, this has been the busiest social life this week. It's like everybody I haven't seen for quite awhile suddenly decided they wanted to meet. Not that I didn't like it. Enjoyed it quite a bit.

But all that is over now. Still have meetings and work in the weekend. But I'm here now. And I'm going to make the most of it.

Thank you world!