The human circle

So I had an overload of Rizal info yesterday. I kinda like the dirt they throw in about the heroes though. Juan Luna killing his wife and mother-in-law. Rizal dating two chicks at the same time. Every hero has his weakness. And every hero is just human. Makes them real that way and not some unreachable icon. Which also means everybody else can be a hero because everyone else is human. Right?

Anyways, a brief update. My new nephew has been welcomed to the Christian world - which decides the kind of God he will have to learn in his lifetime. I'm good with that. I kinda like my God - wait, I love my Christian God. It's just the practice which confuses me sometimes. I'm a sinner. I feel relief just admitting that because it means I could still do something about it. I wonder about people described as "Banal na Tao, Santong Kabayo". If they think they're saved, then where do they go from there?

My other nephew, the grown up one who just moved to Manila to work just received his paycheck. And he enjoys his work and he likes where he is now. Kinda makes you feel fulfilled to have contributed to something  that feels right. I've also been told that he has took up body building and has become a gay-magnet. He had elevator proposals twice already. I'm not really worried about how he handles himself. He's very polite about turning people down - but I do wish he could be just straight up blunt like his mom and Titas are. "We don't like you! Deal with it!" And being the street-smart kid we raised him to be, he remedies the situation by bringing his female cousin along on places where his magnet is strongest - to discourage any indecent proposals. I say that boy is an improvement to the race.

Our baby boy is currently visiting his grandmother. So all is quiet in the house. That is why I'm taking the opportunity to clean up my stuff before the boy gets home and messes it all up again. I miss him though. He has learned to kiss, hug, dance in such a short period of time. Pretty soon, he'll be saying, "I wuv you" and reciting his ABCs.

I live for moments like this. :)

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