The human circle

So I had an overload of Rizal info yesterday. I kinda like the dirt they throw in about the heroes though. Juan Luna killing his wife and mother-in-law. Rizal dating two chicks at the same time. Every hero has his weakness. And every hero is just human. Makes them real that way and not some unreachable icon. Which also means everybody else can be a hero because everyone else is human. Right?

Anyways, a brief update. My new nephew has been welcomed to the Christian world - which decides the kind of God he will have to learn in his lifetime. I'm good with that. I kinda like my God - wait, I love my Christian God. It's just the practice which confuses me sometimes. I'm a sinner. I feel relief just admitting that because it means I could still do something about it. I wonder about people described as "Banal na Tao, Santong Kabayo". If they think they're saved, then where do they go from there?

My other nephew, the grown up one who just moved to Manila to work just received his paycheck. And he enjoys his work and he likes where he is now. Kinda makes you feel fulfilled to have contributed to something  that feels right. I've also been told that he has took up body building and has become a gay-magnet. He had elevator proposals twice already. I'm not really worried about how he handles himself. He's very polite about turning people down - but I do wish he could be just straight up blunt like his mom and Titas are. "We don't like you! Deal with it!" And being the street-smart kid we raised him to be, he remedies the situation by bringing his female cousin along on places where his magnet is strongest - to discourage any indecent proposals. I say that boy is an improvement to the race.

Our baby boy is currently visiting his grandmother. So all is quiet in the house. That is why I'm taking the opportunity to clean up my stuff before the boy gets home and messes it all up again. I miss him though. He has learned to kiss, hug, dance in such a short period of time. Pretty soon, he'll be saying, "I wuv you" and reciting his ABCs.

I live for moments like this. :)


Hidden savings

I'm going broke. Encountered some unexpected expenses and I'm still waiting to be paid for some projects. I knew that I will eventually have to break the bank - my piggy bank. The good news is I no longer need to slaughter a pig since my pigs Violet and Dodo have nine lives or maybe more :)

So I was sadly contemplating on prying them open when I dug in my pockets and found 400 bucks on my newly laundered shorts. So now, I have money to give Dorsy to go buy fish and meat. Otherwise she would've gone to market with a bunch of ten peso coins on her pocket. Relief. At least I know I can still survive for another week until the money comes in.

Currently in the mood for canned goods. Here are some I want to purchase and give to my nemesis. :D They are real. People actually sell them although now I can't remember where I found them. I do want to see what's inside though. Mortal Terror scares me but I think I can handle the Colly Wobbles and the Heebie-Jeebies. I love the labels. Maybe I can find them in Diagon Alley.

Off I go. Just finished working. Going to watch Pinoy Biggest Loser, then maybe a few episodes of Criminal Minds then I'm off to bed.

I watched the movie Hanna - a disturbing movie about raising an assassin. I love Saoirsee Ronan's acting and I love the cinematography. I like the symbols hidden in the movie and I like Cate Blanchett. Must watch movie.

And also the movie Something Borrowed - a romantic comedy starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, John Krasinski and the hunky Collin Egglesfield. Sweet. I always root for the underdog. Must watch too!

Okay, off to watch tv. Good night world.


33 Ways to Stay Creative

From twitter = D

I try to do all of the above. I have problems with 22, 29, 31 and sometimes, 33. But I get by.



What's up? Not much.

It's a Sunday and I just finished doing a catalog layout - and as usual, I want to tweak everything all over again. But I'm trying to curb the impulse by blogging. First, it would be costly for the client because I'm being paid by the hour. Second, I know I will never be satisfied.

Don't feel like going through the vacation pics right now and selecting which ones to post. I think I had good ones on my facebook already so there's really very little to add. But I will get to that soon because I want my vacation pics where I can easily find them.

I finished watching Community Season 2. And I can go through Hawaii-5-O but ummmmm ... don't really feel like it like now. I miss my daily dose of CSI and Criminal Minds. But they can wait.

Oh, we have new neighbors. The house next door have been empty for a long time. The Chinese renters left after the mother died. They were not a friendly bunch so never really got to know them. The wall between the two garages is separated by cyclone wire so we could see who goes in and out of the house and they could see my Dad's underwear when he choose to hang his laundry in the garage. A lot of people have been interested in buying/ renting that house because we are such good neighbors (nyahaha). Well, not really. We live in a very nice neighborhood. It's near a hospital, various pharmacies, a supermarket, a school, a park, a basketball court, a soccer field and a Catholic Chapel. Anyway, movers began carrying stuff inside since yesterday. I didn't know the difference between who was moving in and who was just helping out in the moving in and I'm not the type to stare and go greet the neighbors. An opportune time will come soon enough. The good news is they listen to Queen. I can hear it from my bedroom. I like people who can belt out the Bohemian Rhapsody with the wrong lyrics Like me. LOL. I think that's a good sign.

Did I tell you that our baby is now walking about? HE IS SOOOO DARN CUTE! We bought him shoes that makes squeaking sounds so we will know where he is at all times. We bought electric outlet guards because he likes to touch things and throw them. We turned Paolo's room into a storehouse of things that the baby cannot touch or play with like large bicycles, a huge gym ball and my computer chair (he drives it around the house like a truck - and crashes with it when he looses his balance). We taught him to bounce and shout like a banshee. He has a good set of teeth which he puts to good use on skin, leather chairs, wood paint and anything he can insert his mouth into. He's adorable. It helps that I can return him to his mom when I get tired of baby sitting LOL.

So that's about it. I'm going to get some rest now. Or else I will start tweaking that layout again.


Hi world

I have plenty to say but I'm too busy. So here's a short note to tell you that I'm back from my vacation (pics to follow) and moving through my daily routine, pffft during the day and awake with design thoughts at night. I also wanted to tell you that I'm currently hooked at watching The Biggest Loser on TV and disturbed by all my weight gain (although I did lose a few during those long walks in Hong Kong and Macau). Anyway, I have lots to say. But I have to work tonight - nice project that involves playing - my favorite pastime. :)

Talk to you soon.