I don't wear my eyeglasses unless I have to. That means I only wear them when I'm reading, writing or taking pictures. The problem is I almost always forget to wear them when I'm taking pictures because I almost always forget to bring them when I'm holding my camera. The result is a waste of film. These pics were taken during the garden show in the office parking lot a few weeks ago. I left my glasses on the 3rd floor but I thought it was too much trouble getting them so I relied on instinct and hoped my eyesight will not fail me that much. WRONG!

My dentist friend says "Buy digital!" I would if I can afford one. But I have a middle-class income and a house to run. Another advised "You need diopter lens". Yes, I know. I'd like to buy one too, but I'm still trying to figure out how to pay the electric bill, how am I suppose to buy diopter lens or more, a camera with diopters? "Get contact lenses!" I would but I'm still in denial that there's something wrong with my eyes. GRIN! Listen. I'm poor. My camera was a gift from a friend. I skip a meal just to buy film and get them developed. So please stop asking me to update my equipment.

I'm starting to think I've got the wrong hobby. :( But I likey so much. You don't give up something you like just because it's expensive, do you? Don't stare at the pics too long. They gave me a big headache.



yellow flowers



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asukar said...

nice shoots! honestly, these pics offer a great new visual perspective, with some photoshop tricks and they will be works of art (i.e. you can make the picture jump out at you as if you're a fly in a garden, or somethin like that) =)