Hurdles in bits and pieces

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The four day work-week sucks! We now report to work at 7:30am and leave the office at 6:30pm, working Monday to Thursday with Friday free. It sucks! I feel real tired when I get home. And I miss my 30-minutes extra sleep. I still love work though. :) And I like that I get to do more without the pressure of staying in late. Now, what to do on a Friday?

Watched my brother graduate last Sunday. We bought him a sampaguita garland. Hahaha! He refused to wear it. Imagine! Hahaha! We had a good laugh about it though. As we watched all the graduates go up the stage with the smile of accomplishment, we wonder where they all will find work in this third world country. About 75% of them would probably wish to work abroad. Who could blame them. Had the party at my brother's house, where my nieces, my sister and I played with the camera. The poses we made would put any model to shame ... come to think of it, it would put everyone to shame - hahaha! It was fun though. After the party, we had coffee at Little Malate, the first time I went out for real in the last two months! Didn't realize, it was that long!

Sent the maid home with hopefully enough money to help her in her need. Her mom died of cancer early Monday morning. The mom was diagnosed just last February. And since they don't have enough money for chemotherapy, they just waited it off. Really sad. Even if we can raise money for a first session, how can they pay for the next sessions? I know how expensive chemo is. It took a lot from us, and we had two cancer patients in this family alone. I think we paid dearly for it, and sometimes I still feel we still are ... but my sister survived, and my mother was given time to prepare for her death ... so spending a big amount was just something we had to do ... and we will probably do it again if we need to (knock on wood). I still think lucky are those who die first. They wouldn't get to see how the living continue to destroy the planet and the human race. Wish they have an org that funds free chemotherapy.

I feel sad too that the Pope passed away. I did get to see him in Manila, along with the thousands of people who were there during World Youth Day. He passed by me, very fast. "Pop!" went the Pope! It was a marvelous time. And it did inspire us to go out and help out in whatever way we can. Being in his presence was a blessing enough. The grace I felt being there and hearing his voice, I still feel it up to now. One of the very few people who aged gracefully. He will surely be missed.

Have to buy my Dad a new cellphone. This is the fourth one he lost/broke in the span of two years. He now realizes he needs a cheap one, but insists that he doesn't like the Nokia 5110 - hehehe! He needs one. I wish we could attach a device in his bald head that would let us know where he goes when he goes out exploring alone. We need to keep track of him if it's madjong, shopping or chess matches, or to his hometown to take care of business. We don't want him to be helpless when he gets high blood pressure or needs help. But he doesn't leave notes . He forgets. So he needs a cellphone so we can find him. That's if he doesn't lose it first.

hurdles in technicolor

These tires seemed so high when I was small. Now that I can reach them, I no longer care to play.

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