Wasted Day

Been sick for a whole day. It's because of this bad habit of forgetting to eat when I'm on a roll. And when I skip a meal(s) and had too much coffee, the stomach churns and acid burns, holes in my stomach which make me roll around the bed in pain. So spent the day in bed, like pregnant woman biting hard on lip, till stomach spasms pass one by one. Only I don't count the minutes in between. And I don't have big belly to anticipate big bundle of joy and no husband to hold my hand when I go into 'labor'. Another day wasted.

But had a good time reviewing 6-hour conversation with female friends last Monday. we've reached Resolution No. 6 of the (beep) sisterhood which is aptly titled, "GET OVER IT!" - hahaha. President is taking steps and will be breaking one heart soon because she deserves better than certain mysterious boyfriend. Dentist-friend is embracing the idea of new life but is hoping that she gets to keep profession and clientele with her if she ends up married and moving. Banker is finally facing her emotions and feelings and acknowledging them maturely. And lastly, me. I get to love (beep) (beep) and learn to (beep) and accept (beep) and (beep). :)

It's easier to deal with problems when they are not your own. We have one month to accomplish resolution no. 6. And they have asked me to write a book about their lives, too. Something I’d like to do but not sure if I’m up for it. I mean, it’s easier to write about things you really know and understand. It’s another to write and put yourself in other people’s shoes. But I like the idea and I love the challenge. So we’ll see.

Miss my coffee because I’m not allowed to have any. And I really don’t like spending time in bed. Hope spasms will be gone by tomorrow. And hope I can go get a life by then.

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mellowyellow said...

me too except i have sinus so its a different part throbbing with pain! hope you are better now