The Resurrection

I have been rescued. Ahhhhh, finally received my resurrection in form of much awaited check. Now, can pay the bills and be relieved of stress … at least till the next crisis comes along. I can now go watch a movie or buy myself something worthwhile without feeling guilty of being selfish.

Thinking webcam … but practicality gets the best of me. So just might settle for new blouses or sensible shoes, or have someone take care of my hair which has exceeded the length of the summer look.

I will be attending younger brother’s graduation on Sunday and will try to control myself as he gets honored for best thesis and most outstanding IT student. BIG GRIN! My Dad gets to pin the ribbon, or is it medals now? Have no idea. Me there to assist deaf Dad in case he say "Ha?" when asked intelligent questions. After that, we're gonna have a part-ey! Asked younger bro to let me try on his toga for just one pic – hehehe. Maybe it will motivate me to get back to school. But alas, since he’s taller by a ruler and a half, the toga trails on floor like Dumbledore’s heavy robe. Me thinks I’m too young to have big togas (hehehe), yet I pray I will grow into one that fits me.

I have also been asked to baby-sit 4 teenagers and one superhero sometime May for two weeks. Which means I will be moving out of my house and living in comfortable home with nice garden, with cars for use, large place for jogging without fear of snatchers or dogs, and have a quite large TV in my room. Can also have a healthy walk towards the kebabs place to take a look at cute owner. Giggle! Thus, the Nanny Diaries. Looking forward to sharing secrets with teenage nieces again and have long smart talks with Wonder Boy.

And the ex called. Friendly chat without undertones of regret and bad karma. Will be meeting him soon in one party. He sounds happy. And that makes me happy too. After bad break-up, you soon realize who your true friends are. Wink!

And one more thing. I am beginning to love working – yes, in office. Strange but true. And it’s not about potential love in office environment – Yeeech! No! It’s about fulfillment, and loving what you do, and finding a place where you can be truly useful.

New hopes. At last! Congratulating self for surviving crisis. Laugh! – a loud one!


denden said...

hey! well done to you for surviving your crisis. it's such a great feeling isn't it?

my EX called me den recently and for the first time we talked normally. no what-if talks, no postbreak-up nostalgia, just two old friends catching up on each others' lives.

Outburst said...

Hope it lasts Ilongga! Seiously I do... but I'm beginning to think humans crave change far too much.

ilongga70 said...

Turned out the money we got will not last so long - hahaha. But Im just happy I got the bills paid and that there's food on the table. God has been faithful. And if I can brave one storm, I certainly can brave another. Bring it on!
Thanks friends!

Anonymous said...

i realized lately i hate paychecks. they make my life so damn predictable. and the bills keep on coming.

familiarity breeds contempt. what the hell.