now that I have privacy

I have nothing to write. I wonder if it's because of the absence of an audience? No. Maybe not. I've been busy. Work levels has gone up and I'm so into the process of overseeing everything. It fulfills me to know that I'm useful. I hope that I will always be useful even when I become old and gray.

My sisters and I have been watching Pinoy Big Brother on TV. There's a channel which shows the series 24 hours a day - live. Of course, you have to pay extra to get a better view but we have resirted to seeing shapes with voices moving on screen. We've become so accustomed to their voices, we now know who is who. I am so into the Bianca and Sanjo pair-up. I so like Rustom for finally getting out of the closet and admitting he's gay. I suspect this is the main reason he joined PBB. To finally tell the world who he really is without the world pulling his words out of context. It's the smartest way to reveal something you know you will be judged for. This way, the PBB way, he was able to earn the sympathy of all the viewers. So he's gay. It doesn't make him a bad person. Sisters and I found ourselves glued to the TV, loving Keanna and John, enjoying Budoy's antics. I don't know why but it appeals to all Filipinos. Maybe it's the tsismosa in all of us.

Bad news. Will have no weekend because I have to work :( But I don't really mind. I need the extra income anyway. Life is difficult and money is hard to come by.

Kimberly has been over heating lately. I thought it was because the fan near the processor is not working. I brought the fan to work to have it checked. I was told there was nothing wrong with it so I've been asked to bring my CPU to work. Something I hate doing. But I really don't want a broken computer. It's my life.

Didn't get ashes on my forehead last Ash Wednesday. Didn't go to mass either. Wonder if I've become immune to God. I'm not soulless. But I'm not soulful either.

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