Had to do overtime work yesterday to finish a Monday-due presentation. Did finish it while battling with stomach ache and the self-diagnosed carpal syndrome on my wrist which I had wrapped in a splint because the pain had become so bothersome. Anyway, suspected the stomachache to have been caused by skipping dinner the night before. My sister, her co-worker and I watched Syriana Friday night and spent the evening laughing of how difficult it was to keep up. I think I got the gist of it. Pretty good movie. Wonder which part was based on truth. I don't know why George Clooney won an award for it although it was his best acting stint so far. But I know I could point out several more actors deserving that award. He was cute though. Even with the beard. Anyway, we had to get out of the movie house before co-worker's hubby arrives to pick us up. So we ended up skipping dinner and munching on available junk foods. Was too tired to eat when I got home so I ended up with a tummy ache the next morning. Which continued till Sunday. No Kremil-S or Zantac would banish it's pain and my joints were hurting. When my Auntie came over to check up on my Dad, she told me it might not be hyper-acidity. And she suspects a parasitic attack on my stomach. Must have tests done ASAP. Shee-it!

Anyway, it's not as bad as yesterday. But I get a painful reminder of my microscopic tenant every time I open my mouth for a sinful bite, or even just a drink of water. Yup, will have tests done tomorrow. Yup, will drink Yakult, too. Yup, will promise not to buy sidewalk food even if they look good and are cheaper than restaurant food.


Manang K said...

basi na pasmo lang ka. hope you're feeling better. Me likey sidewalk food, too. My kano^ hubby loves the bbq kana'ng sa kilid sa dan. He calls them "monkey-on-a-stick", dunno why, it's one of his all-time pinoy pakal faves.

mellowyellow said...

You have put me right off my dinner! ha! Have a good weekend, hope the tummy ache goes