Pride or Prejudice?

I always loved that my siblings and I are quite open-minded, intelligent (not geniuses really and I'm not saying this to be arrogant), and are capable of learning things on our own with the independence of a lone shark looking for prey. It is this passion and curiosity that brings us together. We can discuss books, films, sights and sounds and wonder at its splendour or it s tragedy; We would discuss mysteries and puzzles and not be afraid to voice out ideas or solutions for fear of being judged as stupid or just down-right crazy. We would investigate our own emotions, talk about it even and learn to adopt and recognize our own weaknesses and idiosyncracies. But when it comes to filial and fraternal relationships, my siblings and I ... we are morons.

There is a planned trip to Baguio this April. My brother wanted everybody to come. Our last reunion was when my mother died and this would have been a great opportunity for us to come together once again - all seven of us plus kids and spouses and Dad. But there are some things that had happened through the years which caused a rift between my siblings. Nothing major. But let's just say it's been a series of disappointments and unfulfilled promises that had unravelled the tight rope and threatening to the collapse the family bond. We could accept this and let go. Blood is still thicker that water. But ... some of us can't ... couldn't.

I ask them, is it pride ... or prejudice? I think they know the answer but nobody is willing to be humble. Arrogance is a disease.

What is the use of intellect if it can't learn love? Yup, we are all morons. And we know it.

I will never claim to be a woman of God. I am an idealist. But I will try never to be a hypocrite. I'd rather be a romantic. I mean, why talk about forgiveness and compassion and responsibility ... if you can't live it?

Looks like it will be half a family in Baguio this April. Too bad. My mom would have loved it.


hmcwjip said...

Is it ok to link you or would that help tham find you? Hope you are doing ok

mellowyellow said...

That was me, not some mystery person. Guess i put the code thing in the wrong place, old age or the fact i am full of a flu virus caused it!