You believe

I just heard that someone very capable of doing her job has been re-assigned to another office where she will not only prove useless, but will crush her spirit because she doesn't really belong there. All in the name of politics. No opportunity for defense. No added incentive. No justice.

Sometimes you wonder if things will ever improve in this country. You wonder if people in power will ever grow a conscience and use their powers for the good of all. You wonder if good ever triumphs over evil at all. You wonder ... and you worry. Times like these, I think of the Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. And I wonder if the ring-holder will ever have the courage to throw all that evil into the Mountain of Doom. Frodo didn't do it on his own. By his greed, Gollum was the savior of all. But Frodo was the hero. Either way, power gets the best of all of us. So when will it all end? When will we ever learn? When do we give up?

In the midst of all of these, we could only hope. Aragorn. Superman. Spiderman. Atticus Finch. Jesus. You just have to believe that evenually that day will come.

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