Sequence No. 2

I was riding a jeepney towards home and was stuck in traffic just in front of UP, waiting impatiently for the intersection to clear up. I was thinking of the things I have to do to finish the website. There was Tintin's pics I have to edit. E-books I wanted to read. And I just really want to get home fast.

It was about six pm and the weather was unusually cloudy and dark. When I gazed up, a large circle of clear sky slowly circled up, like a tornado growing right in the sky in front of me. It was unusual and amazing. I watched in awe. And then I started to panic. Should I run? Can I outrun it? Is this the end of the world? In the east horizon, towards Arevalo ... a looming wave 150 feet high coming right at me ... :)

Then I woke up.

The aftermath of watching too many disaster movies.

(Sings) "It's the end of the world as we know it." And I feel fine.

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