Haha Heehee

I'm in a good mood today. I don't know why. Maybe a sense of accomplishment of getting a client who will actually pay for something I did, and be pleased with what I did. Spent my weekend on a powerpoint presentation for a thesis. Yes, there are people who don't know powerpoint. Lucky me.

I realize now that to be able to sell my skills, I have to shamelessly advertise them. And I'm beginning to see the results of shameless advertising. The reason I didn't take up business is because I can't sell anything. I see things as they are - disadvantages and advantages. And I compulsively tell all without any inhibitions, that I inadverdently discourage buyers from buying anything. I like selling skills better. I make no excuses. I know what I can and cannot do. And what I cannot do, I learn to do. So the enterprise eventually becomes beneficial to both buyer and seller. I learn things and live for the challenge, my client gets what she/he wants. So yes, I'm learning that to get by in this business, we must sell ourselves, take away all humility and blatantly promote self short of being narcissist. I hope I don't bloat my self-esteem too much. I will be the first to detest myself.

I have been watching this mini-series on TV called "Life is not all haha heehee" based on a novel by Meera Sayal. And I'm so much into it. Is it possible to see self in all three women? One, an obedient newly-wed, another a depressed wife and mother and the last, an ambitious self-possed career woman. Of course, one personality has to be stronger than the other. I hate to admit it but I know exactly which personality I belong. I strive to get out of that boxed persona. It is bad enough to have others judge you, but to define self as certain personality leads to unhealthy thoughts. So no, I refuse to limit myself to that. I am that but so much more. So haha heehee, life is more than that.

I am without beau but Im not loveless. Sigh Sigh Sigh. Yup, I'm in a very good mood today.

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