Barking Drug Addict

I once posted a story about a guy coughing during a jeep ride. Hehehe. Now I know what it feels like. (And God laughs, sits back and enjoys the moment. I threw him a look and got humbled.)

I was riding to work this morning when something scratchy caught my throat and drove me to have coughing fits - LOUD coughing fits -- in a very crowded jeepney. I could feel the eyes looking at me in fear that I might spread the ebola fever that would take them away from all their valuable time. I could feel scowls that say, "What is she doing on a jeepney if she's sick? She's spreading HER GERMS!". And I could only cover my mouth and hope that my embarassment will not turn my face and ears into a very ripe tomato.

So I held on and hoped it stops. I was thinking of getting off even if it wasn't time yet so I could just cough away and feel better for all eternity. But there was no good place to stop. People are roaming around and I fear they'll think I have TB. I was thinking of taking a taxi but that would bite my wallet with cash intended for asthma meds which I still have. Sigh. I sucked it in and wished I had water. On my stop, I hurriedly went down and got out my inhaler. It wasn't the best solution but it was the nearest one I had. I felt better after I took it. The drug addict in me got my buzz and I rode my second jeep to work in peace.

From now on, I'm bringing a bottle of water wherever I go. Sigh. I really hate asthma.


Strawberry-filled forever

Paolo catching up on some history
Back from vacation. Last minute I got myself a cold and today, it has stepped up into an asthma attack. It's too early in the morning to be awake but here I am, typing away, with stuffy nose, a resounding cough, and a headache that theatens to strap me to my bed for ... i hope ... just a day. I was back to work yesterday. But it looks like I have to extend my vacation a wee bit longer. Darn it. Just got my office computer's RAM upgraded. And the confettis on my desk had an ominous semblance of a town fiesta. I must work. But I might turn everyone at work into the nose-blowing, cough-barking zombie that I am. So home I must be. Hopefully for just a day.

The vacation was great. A much needed change of scenery, people and best of all - responsibilities. Spent a day in Subic Bay, three days in Baguio and a few more days touring Manila. Took pictures of horses, strawberries, a pig's tombstone, trees - ahhhhhhhhhh, so many trees, a fireplace ... oh, and not to forget, took my 15 year old nephew to see Luneta for a brief historical tour. Had him pose catching Jose Rizal. Also caught the Ice Age 2 Movie at Gateway. Manny has got himself a Queen. I wonder what it would be like if you got stuck in an island with a mammoth of a man, and you need him to propagate the species. Ewwwww. All that hair. LOL. I guess, if you didn't have much choice, you don't get to be finicky. It's a small world, much like the Big Brother House.

Anyway, got home to find the fridge empty and the sugarbowl dry. Sigh. It's back to the real world. And this cold is not helping.

More on the vacation in the next few days. The sun has peeped in and is making everything bluish white. Signals me to go back to bed and rest my head. Work will have to wait.


Radio in Denmark

I've been lazy to write and busy with website design. I have a virtual "DO NOT DISTURB" sign outside my bedroom door and also one on my forehead when I'm at work. So sorry if I'm so silent.

If you're Danish, live in Denmark and want your 5 minutes of fame, my friend is looking for a radio announcer. He's tired. He needs a raise. And he needs time out to talk to me. Sooooooo ... try out at Radio Als . He tells me it's a long shot to advertise here but I have a weird feeling some Danish speaking Filipino or some poor Danish person in need of a job might for some strange reason run into this blog and read it. Of course, I almost always have weird feelings that don't mean anything anyway ... but hell! It's my blog and I will advertise whatever I want here. So there.

I will be off to Baguio next week. No work. Sigh. Just when I'm loving it, they send me away for a vacation. LOL. See you around folks!


to continue

There was a break in my train of thought yesterday because of new developments in the work front. Anyway, to continue my review of the week that was ...

Sister-in-law left us DVDs of House, Season 1. I am addicted. Very difficult to pull myself away from the Dr. House and his cohorts to go to the office just when they are diagnosing a mafia patient who keeps dropping off into a coma and is turning out to be ... Tadah! Rustom Padilla! He's coming out through the witness protection program. Not as dramatic as the Pinoy Big Brother revelation, but nevertheless, convenient and effective. As Dr. HOuse believes, it is in human nature to lie, although I don't necessarily justify that as right. Being human doesn't excuse you from doing bad things. That's why we have an id.

Anyway, as much as I hate how he looks - no, the cane does not bother me - I totally love his brilliance. Of course, fictional characters are always attractive, but I can't help it ... I love Dr. House (blush blush blush). Next to him, I'd settle for Jesse Spencer who plays the very British Robert Chase. But he is much too young for me - hehehe.

I am currently reading Umberto Echo's The Name of the Rose. Some thoughts lifted from the book:
There is only one thing that arouses animals more than pleasure, and that is pain.

In support of Roger Bacon, who said that the aim of learning was also to prolong human life.

Because learning does not consist only of knowing what we must or we can do, but also of knowing what we could and perhaps should not do.

There are two other theological virtues as well. The hope that the possible is. And charity, toward those who believe in good faith that the possible was.

To you, who have been prohibited to read this blog, I miss you. And this missing you has driven me to your website even if just a glimpse of your name lets me know that your're still there and are ok.

What else? I know there's more but I can't think oof anything. Signs of times. I'm off.


Made for this

Hello readers. Been up and working like a dog for a week. The parasites gone and I hope he never comes back. As for me, life has been moving quite fast. I go to the office, and before I knew it, the clock strikes five. Did I say that I'm so enjoying my work? There's nothing like doing what you love. Lucky are we who found such calling. Anyway, the week in review:

Got a new cabinet and a side table - unpainted (don't have the money to paint it yet) -- a friend of mine made them for me. He found his third love, a new hobby called carpentry. And when he gets off work (an Engineer), he enjoys sweating before a piece of wood and shaping it like a sculptor would a stone. My cabinet is a labor of love. This friend volunteered to make the cabinets.I paid only for the materials. He did everything, acquired wood from the lumberyard, even bought the handles and after 6 days, had my cabinet delivered to my door personally. HE wakes up early morning to saw. hammer and screw everything in place. All that in between wife and kids and working an 8-hour job. I owe him dinner. God must love me to bless me with such great friends.

Ex-bf went by the house last night to chat. He's married now. And we chatted like old friends. No bad blood between us. He seem happy. I know I am. I was telling him that I haven't been to church for a while. We discussed my unholiness. I told him i like not having to pretend I'm good all the time because I know I'm not. Getting out of the church group has granted me a sense of freedom to be ironic, sarcastic, and frank. But the truth about it is, I've also become more sensitive to people and more relaxed. I don't want to be a hypocrite although I will always be at times, but I think I've become less so because I didn't have be a model to people. The problem of being a church leader is that you have to practice what you preach. And I did that for some time. And maybe I needed to go through that, and I do appreciate going through that experience. But now, I feel that I'm true to myself. That if I think bad thoughts, that doesn't necessarily make me evil, but just human. God still is a great part of my life. He is the conscience that tells me when I am bad and then I am guided to act accordingly ... or at least know when I have become selfish. It may be a bit self-centered but this sense of acceptance has given me more peace than any sermon or gospel can ever bring.