The good news is I finally got the router configured - after swearing at it and slamming doors and missing American idol. So I'm feeling super-doooper proud of myself that I can follow instructions without hurting anyone. Hehehe. So this means, I can just start my computer and be online any time of the day. Without having to see Weng sulk because she had to get offline. Without having to wait for someone to get off the phone to get to my blog ... blogs ... I have five. With so many, I just maintain one religiously - that's my secret secret blog that anyone smart enough could probably find anyway.This finch one is just for ... hmmmmm ... for public use so I can get feedback from people who go to my doodle website. My secret blog contains all the dirty laundry and everything I write in my other blog goes there too. A repository of all my weirdness. So I keep it away from prying eyes.

Anyway, got my first big client. For a remarkable sum of 5,500 pesos. Hahahaha. I knew I was not going to get rich by following my passions. But they are passions. Web and graphics design make me happy. And if I earn by doing it, then that would be really great. A validation that I have aesthetic and common sense - which I sometimes doubt in myself. But I once said to a colleague, I do it because it's fun. The moment it ceases to be, it then defeats its purpose. And pursuing it would be ... futile. Because it will not give me joy.

I sometimes think that all this talk about happiness is over-rated? But, it's this simple philosophy really that makes me want to live longer. I'm the kind of person that needs meaning, purpose, joy in life. I guess most people do want that but can't seem to have it. Me, I want it more than anything else. And the rest of the world ... is just something we just need to appreciate and enjoy because God put it there for that particular purpose. Very zen don't you think?

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