Houston, we have take off

Overjoyed! We have Broadband at home! Glee!

The problemn is, my sisters now want a piece of my computer. I don't really mind but I really hate it if I have to wait to work till they finish on my computer. I hope my sister gets hers fixed very soon.

By the way, we went to Lombuyan, San Joaquin yesterday to witness a small tradition. Young men rides on horses and try to shoot their fingers on rings hanging on a line across the road belonging to the young ladies of the village . At the start of the race, they already have one particular ring in mind. If they do get the ring they want, they win a chance to be the first to court the girl for the whole summer. One friend said I should have brought my own ring.

Anyway, with DSL, I might be able to blog some more. Oh happy! Oh glee! Oh joy!

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