I have been silent online. That’s because I have been very noisy offline.

Just finished a seven-day exhibit at SM City with my Photo Class sponsored by Camera Haus. I unexpectedly won third place over-all and bagged 1st place in the Festival Category. I used shots from my point and shoot Canon Powershot A400 – probably an obsolete camera. I was competing with very expensive DSLRs, which to win was quite magnanimous. Anyway, I got a 3,000 gift certificate from Sony for the third prize and a 500 pesos Sony gift certificate for the Category prize. It would have been useful if I can afford a DSLR but I still can’t. So I might just settle for a tripod and some batteries. Here are my shots:



And with that, I have started helping out for yet another exhibit of Iloilo heritage and illustrious leaders. That kept me busy even till late morning. I haven’t returned to my normal sleeping hours yet.

I’ve also been assigned to help out on games for family day. I was exhausted last Monday. And asthma on the brink of exploding.

And to add to that, it’s the campaign period. And I get jobs left and right for campaign posters, stickers etc. etc. I should be happy that I’m getting added income, right? But it sucks. I get soooooooo tired that sometimes wonder if it’s all worth it. And I’m being paid below my business price. And I hate myself for settling. I should learn to say no. No no no no. Why is that so hard to say?

So I should just put up my feet and rest since it’s Holy Week. But I can’t. I have last minute jobs which will probably take me three days to finish and conceptualize. I dug my grave. All I have to do is lie in it.

So I’m blogging while I can.

By the way, I’m watching a new TV series that I highly recommend to single 30ish women living everywhere. It’s called Number One Single starring Lisa Loeb in ETC. It’s like missing SITC and I really like Lisa Loeb. Wonderful eclectic girl.

I bought an all in one card reader by the way. One more dream come true in my wishlist.

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