tum dee dum de dum de dum

I finally got my prize for that photo contest bit I won a month ago. Got a cool Sony tripod, rechargeable batteries and charger and a cleaning kit for my camera. Now, if I can only get that DSLR, then maybe I'd start feeling like a real photographer. For now, I'm just a wanna be.

Anyway, my younger sister's computer broke down. It probably can't handle the dsl speed. And my older sister's lap top crashed. So I'm the only one left with a computer. Which means, I will need to share it again.

I have no drive to study this week. I get asthma attacks early mornings which makes me feel real tired at work. I have books I want to read but don't feel like reading. Just feeel bored.

I'm watching yet again, the movie Thomas Crown Affair. Yesterday, it was Pride and Prejudice. I tell you, there is something about the British that fascinates me. Maybe it's the accent. I mean, most of the British I see on TV are real interesting, distinguished and intelligent. I wonder if they all are. I even love Billy Elliot.

I'm bored. I will just have to look forward to the Spiderman movie date on Wednesday and the Labor Day holiday. I hate being bored.

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