from Roxas

Basking in my own simple idea of comfort somewhere in Roxas City. Staying at the cozy Palace Central near the City Hall. They have wifi but unfortunately can't seem to connect using my laptop - it does that sometimes and I want to have that checked when I get back to Iloilo. Anyways, right now I'm using my companion's Rose's laptop. Needed to check emails and read on my favorite blogs - a daily dose of therapy. Now that's done, I'm off checking news on ... hahaha ... never mind. I'm about to hit my head with my phone for not being able to break the habit. But I miss miss miss (toot) terribly. Hay! Lea, hit me on the head will ya?!

A client just sent me ideas for her website and and another wanted me to make edits on labels. Sigh. I want to work on them right away but am stopping myself. I'm away from my PC and must not think of work for now. At least for a few more days.

Had dinner at the beach yesterday. Ate yummy shrimps and took pics of the sunset. I don't know where we're going today but I like Roxas City so far. Oh, except for the toilet on where we are having the seminar. They don't clean it as well as the inn where I'm staying. I'll make it a point to take a look around tomorrow. Tonight I just wanna catch up on my reading and play dead ... stay still like a cucumber. Hah!

ah! enough! bye for now.

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