12:30 pm. – NOT MY USUAL DISCOURTEOUS SELF AT ALL! I’m at the front desk of a government building saying “Hello, Good afternoon.” to everyone coming my way. Why? Well, someone had this brilliant idea NOT to hire a front desk clerk for the Anti-red Tape Act Implementation which includes Frontline services such as this. Instead of hiring someone, they had assigned duty hours to employees to “man” the desk. (Um, I was told they were planning to get someone to do this job but I wonder why they can’t find anyone to volunteer – hmmmm – not really a question for Einstein is it?).

Each office sends a sacrificial lamb everyday to the front desk. Today, I’m the lamb – or should I say, goat – a more appropriate term for my disposition and outlook – hahaha.

I should not complain really. My duty is just for four hours. I’ve come prepared. I have a very thick folder of CSS notes I’ve been wanting to read, a notebook, and just to make sure I don’t go into coma because of boredom, I brought my laptop (I now see why God wanted me to buy a laptop. He knew I was going to do front desk duty – bwahaha).

1:23 pm. It’s bearable for now. I don’t know how long I can stand this but I’m at least going to try. I just hope I don’t meet any politicians today. Ironic for someone who works for the government, I know. But I just hate politicians. Can I say that again? I HATE POLITICIANS! There, that makes me feel so much better ;)

A group of UP students just came by. They said they were here to observe – what exactly – they didn’t say. Maybe it’s top secret? Ok, bear with me. I can’t concentrate on my reading and I don’t have wifi down here. So I’m going to make fun of people so as not to go crazy.

2:09 pm. Uh-oh. I’m bored. And thirsty. I should have brought something to drink. A woman asked for the Iloilo Midwife Association or IMAP. I don‘t know where it is but it’s definitely not in this building. Directed her to the Health Office – maybe they would know? Another asked for the Registry of Deeds. Duh! Pointed them out of the building and gave them directions. I was friendly and polite mind you. I keep telling you, in this desk, I am not myself. That’s hard work!

2:21 pm I’m dying here. There is a very good reason why I work in front of a computer and not in front of people. I have a huge respect for people behind this desk. But I absolutely have no patience for it.

2:55 pm. Relief. Asked someone from the office to send me cold water. Thirst gone. Also had my external hard drive delivered. Boredom relieved for a few more minutes. It’s a loooooong afternoon. Next time, I’ll think I’ll opt for morning duty.

3:30 pm. An hour and a half to go. Now I need to pee. LOL.

4:00 pm. One hour. It’s not so bad if you have something to do on your hands. I’ve been organizing my template files on my external hard disk and have created templates for my css and html with a wide variety of font stacks. People I know pass by and chat a bit. And go back to their original agenda. I haven’t been asked hard questions so it’s not so bad. I want some coffee right about now but I can wait another hour. I wonder if I need to stay here until the employees line up for time-out?

4.55pm. I can go. Pistachio nuts –the reward for the weary front desk clerk

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