My My My Minuet

Just like listening to this song. The above version is by Park Hyekyung (heard it first in one of the WGM episodes). The lyrics are REALLY CHEESSY! in English which is why I like the Korean version - I don't have to listen to the words but I understand what it means ;)

I love the Minuet. I have the "Master and Commander" version in my computer - the one where Russell Crow played the violin (was it a violin?). Wait, that wasn't the Minuet. That was the Prelude - LOL. Still. Don't you just love JSB? I think Bach should be a requirement in elementary school even though he might not be the one who composed it - :) I'm sure they will get to the songs he didn't compose eventually.

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"A Lover's Concerto" is a pop song written by American songwriters, Sandy Linzer and Denny Randell, and recorded in 1965 by The Toys. Their version of the song was a major hit in both the United States and the UK during 1965. It peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number two.

Critic Dave Thompson wrote, "Few records are this perfect. Riding across one of the most deceptively hook-laden melodies ever conceived ... 'A Lover’s Concerto' marks the apogee of the Girl Group sound." The song also had an unusual structure that blurred the differences between its verses and choruses.

Linzer and Randell based the melody on the familiar "Minuet in G major" from J.S. Bach's Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach. One key difference is that the "Minuet in G major" is written in 3/4 time, whereas "A Lover's Concerto" is arranged in 4/4 time. (Although often attributed to Bach himself, the "Minuet in G major" is now believed to have been written by Christian Petzold. The Notebook, a gift from Bach to his second wife Anna, begins with works by Bach but also included many blank pages, onto which members of the family copied works that they liked to play; the famous minuets in G major and G minor are not in Bach's handwriting.)

If you need the lyrics, here's part of it in the video:


jvd perez said...

I think that was the suite for unaccompanied cello no.1 in G major, bnw 1007. The great cellist Yoyo Ma palyed it in his album Of JS BAch

ilongga70 said...

Yeah, cello gali and played by Yonsama. Thanks.

ilongga70 said...

Yoyoma gali - hahaha.