A Good Year

Sigh. A lot of tears falling today. Every time I see Kris Aquino cry on tv, I cry too. And I don't like Kris Aquino very much - LOL. Exasperating really but can't help it. My mom died of colon cancer too.

I bawled when the Apo and other singers sang "Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo". Feel ko gid ang pagka-Pinoy ko. I was 15 years old when Edsa I happened. I remember riding towards the Capitol with people rejoicing and streets covered with yellow confetti. I didn't know who Cory was then but I was just glad that Marcos was out :)

Maybe my sister is right. She said this year IS a good year to die. A lot of good people passed away this year. Death certainly changes things. But it doesn't stop life, does it?

Hope. There is always hope. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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