Hello world! I've been busy. While the political arena in this country has move from heroic antics to pure embarassment, I decided that I want my taxes back! Every centavo! I'm currently ruled by hypocrites and stupidity ... and there are still intelligent politicians out there who insist that stupidity is subjective - it just depends on who's getting more power. I'm not a Gloria fan but I truly support the CBCP's stand on this issue. Why the hell did our ancestors die for the constitution? What respect do we give them if we keep on taking shortcuts? Do we change presidents everytime somebody farts? Who can we trust now? Who? WHO?! And who says that a large crowd would echo the sentiments of the great majority? The world does not revolve around Manila alone people! The great majority is with the provincias! Which brings me to Colonel Aureliano of Gabriel Garcia Marquez' One Hundred Years of Solitude: "Tell me friend, why are you fighting?" With all these confusion, who the hell knows? I just want my money back! Nobody gets to spend my taxes except me!!! IDIOTS!

There. Now that I've ranted, press delete.

As I've said, I've been busy. I've been working on remodelling this blog offline to celebrate its 1st anniversary. I've been adding lots of scripts and colors and it has become so over-decorated, I decided to delete everything and simplify. That is one of man's greatest faults. We try to improve everything and anything only to realize that simple works best. So I went back to the basics and deleted. I'm getting good at pressing delete. In my excitement, I deleted a whole blog because nobody writes there anymore. So unconditionally finally got killed because of my conditions. I don't want lose ends. And I hate leaving things unused. So delete, delete, delete. Goodbye unconditionally.blogdrive.com. I mourn your loss.

I've been also working on a photoblog called Maniniyut (it's a corny version of photographer) for Photo Friday. I get really insecure it seeing the photo entries in the contest but I like the idea that I am amongst the best eyes in the world. I'm learning a lot there. With this, I've also managed to secure a free photo gallery at Photodope.com (thank you guys!). For photographer-wanna-bes, they are a blessing. Just started yesterday so I haven't really loaded that many pics there but I will soon.

Work has also become demanding. I used to have lots of free time. Now my office team has ideas flying around that we're working on together. It will save the world - hehehe - not really. But I like this kind of involvement, this enthusiasm, this team-work. Something we never had when we HAD a boss. Now that it's just us, we get to be heard. And our ideas flourish. Ahhh, everyone should have this work environment to become more productive. And have more work - LOL. So get rid of leaders. Get rid of politicians!!!

I also got my braces. Most of the time I'm in my serious mode because I'm afraid to smile to reveal my hideous metals. But I can't really avoid it. And I'm dealing with slow eating and toothbrushing and oatmeal. With all the stress, I think I'm eating more despite of the teeth behind bars. The happy side to this is I get to change my teeth bands with a different color each month. This month its light blue. I'm thinking red next month in protest of all the idiots that are running the country.

The blog anniversary is not just a blog anniversary. It commemorates hope born out of pain and love. This month I celebrate my freedom, and the enlightenment that no man can ever own me. I can love. I can sacrifice. I will be inspired. I will even allow myself to be hurt because pain begets strength with the right attitude. But I've since then appreciated my worth and my value. I don't need a man to complete me. But I do need to love and love I must. It's not a destination or an endpoint. It's a journey. Like golden sunsets you get to see on salt fields on the way home from work. It just makes life easier and a lot more meaningful.

I love. And it so happens that he lives halfway arund the world. And he happens to be a Viking that doesn't sail boats. But his voice melts ears ... and hearts.


D@phn3 L@ur@ said...

Good post especially the last part about love :)
Happy blog anniversary too!

D@phn3 L@ur@ said...
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mellowyellow said...

I can be complete without a man - i have been but i need love. My man lives 248 miles away, his voice melts my heart every night on the phone and still makes my insides wobble even after 8 1/2 yrs.