Pamp Pamp Pamp ....

Am having an extremely busy month. The weird thing about it is I love it. I love being busy. I love my work even if at times I get panic attacks. And I love the people I work with. And the strangest part about it is, I’m beginning to love going to work. :)

I am part of an IT group that caters to the needs of at least 26 other offices housed in a large six-floor building. My IT group is composed of 2 in-house programmers, 2 hardware maintenance guys, 1 network administrator, 1 computer encoder and 2 computer operators who moonlight as secretaries, administrative officer, inventory officer, payroll clerks, research assistants, encoders, picture cleaners, page designers and all the other stuff required that don't have the word technical in it. To say that we are under-staffed is a major understatement. We call ourselves the Mission Impossible Squad. (Pamp pamp pamp pamp pamp pamp Tadadan … tadadan … tadant!) Only our deep affection for our respective computers surpasses our devotion for each other – hehehe.

We’re like family. We have serious debates; we have whopping disagreements; we put-up with each others quirks and egotism. But once or twice a week, we have this staff meeting with pan de sal and coffee, that forces us to lay our cards on the table, and just be human. It works mainly because we compromise. Because with the demands of our job, we know we have limited resources, not enough pay, and we recognize that we are not machines. So we make do. We have no choice.

This month has been extremely challenging. Tempers ran high. The pressures from executives who think they can get away with anything, were a bit hard-pressed. And the people who don’t understand the technical side of our job, demand stuff as if we have a Genie hidden inside a lamp somewhere.

When things start to get over our heads, we re-group. We have our coffee. We throw ideas around like each one of us there has an equal right to speak, and complain. In a staff meeting, nobody gets to be boss, or be the underdog, or be invisible. Everyone is equal regardless of gender, position, salary rates or seniority. I appreciate this like everyone else on the team. And I respect my semi-bosses (THEY ROCK!) for treating us like this. We do have real "bosses" who get paid highly but doesn’t do much for the team. Right now, they’ve been assigned somewhere else. And I wish they would not return because we’ve never been this productive as an office.

Now, if we can only bring this kind of work environment to the other offices in this building, and we remove the holier-than-thou, can-get-your-ass-fired attitudes from those who have the power, everyone might love going to work too. But I guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

I love my job. It’s not high-paying but at least I’m not dragging my feet to work everyday (Jig twist turn jump). Pamp pamp pamp pamp pamp Tadadan … tadadan … tadant!


denden said...

seems like you have a good rapport with your colleauges.

i'd choose a job i love over money...anytime. kaya nga poor ako eh. :)

Anonymous said...

I get panic attacks too. Hang in there gal!

It seems I am having problems with my blog loading...when you visit you just have to hit refresh and its ok. Might have to change the layout or something...never had that problem before...ack!