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It’s been raining real hard since yesterday. Electricity has been going on and off since last night so self-amusement has been quite limited. Finally settled to reading a book with a flashlight while the rain demanded a descending trance upon my household. Warmed up underneath my sheets, I lost myself to the world of women over 30. Although I do wish I had the body of a twenty-five year old, I’m quite content to have a mind ten years older. I may not be comfortable in my skin but I like how my mouth and other vital organs can connect to my brain. For women, life really begins at 30.

I finished Jane Smiley’s A Thousand Acres. I chose it (1) because it was a 1992 Pulitzer Prize winner; and (2) It had the Oprah Book Club logo on it – HAHAHA. Started it a few days ago and was about to stop because the first part was REALLY boring, pretty much describing the monotony of farm life. Then Ginny kissed James Clark. And after that I couldn’t put the book down. Read it all through work –hahaha – with piles of papers stacking up. Finished it that afternoon and took my work home to get it done :P Let me just quote a favorite line: “I saw this as my afterlife, and for a long time it didn’t occur to me that it contained a future.” Coming from a 35 year old farm wife who just went through hell, that sentence is incredibly unearthly. I like the book. Was quite satisfied with the ending but I’m beginning to think that all Oprah Book Club choices are waaaaay too much drama for me. After The Book of Ruth, and The One Hundred Years of Solitude (both Oprah Book club choices by the way), I was really looking for something lighter. I think from now on, I will avoid the Oprah Book Club logo when I want light reading.

My Canadian friend promised to buy me the new Harry Potter book but she won’t be arriving till September. Sigh. I can wait. Thank God for friends who remember you as Grumpy the dwarf.

I was supposed to take my Dad to have a general check-up. He’s been feeling a bit under the weather. But the weather didn’t permit it. Our doctor’s appointment was cancelled because of flooding in the doctor’s office. Sigh. And I took the day off just for that. I hate anything medical but I hate seeing suffering from sickness a LOT more. I don’t think I can stand anyone dying on me again. I wish God would take me first before than happens.

The Eucalyptus tree in front of the house was slashed in half by the storm. The sliced half now rests in peace on top of the garage roof and it’s too slippery to climb up there and get it off. We suspect it was the reason our neighbor’s phone line got cut off but we are not quite sure. I could hear them mumbling about it right outside my window. Nobody is going out today. Not in this rain. Chinese. I could never understand them.

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