Double V

The work never stops. I spent the whole day yesterday working on a logo for a computer application my boss is doing. I finished two designs that I'm really proud of, only to discover a small detail I've overlooked which according to the client makes a big difference in the whole mission of their organization. Geez! So I re-did the whole thing again and made a rushed semi-nice logo on the drawing board before the day is over.

I'm suppose to work on it again this morning but I had to attend this meeting with a very boring chairman that seems to believe his jokes and stories are funny. He had no idea that people just want to get the meeting over with to move on to their respective tasks. Grrrr. Talk about prolonging the agony.

Anyway, I'm back at the office and haven't eaten lunch yet. I will be forcing myself to have lunch today since I've been skipping my meals again and working while feeding myself with chocolate sticks so my mind would continue to work and not break the flow of adrenalin. By the end of the afternoon, I'll be fighting dizzy spells from hunger and too much sugar. Tsk tsk tsk. I know! I know! I'm hard-headed stubborn unhealthy woman.

But before I go off to have lunch, me deserves a mini-break. So I'm posting here my entry for Photo Fridays Silky Challenge. The link is on my Photodope Gallery but I'm putting one here too for those who are not into Photoblogs. And since I've gone on to the habit of deleting, I'm deleting the Maniniyut Blog I created last week - was it last week?. My PhotoFriday links will be directed to my Photodope account instead. The nicest things about being female - I can change my mind whenever I want. LOL.

Silky Waters of Boracay
Silky Waters of Boracay with my unpaid model-niece Freaky Sis

Was learning the Danish alphabet last night and had trouble practicing R, H, Y, Z, G, J, and K. Hej, did you know the Danes say Double V when they reach the letter W? Hmmmm ...

I'm off to lunch at 1:26pm. God bless to everyone.

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